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Department of Consumer & Business Services
Insurance Division
350 Winter St NE Room 440
Fax 503-378-4351
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 14480
Salem, OR 97309-0405

* Administrator's Office
* Consumer Services Section and Market Regulation
* Financial Regulation Section
* DCBS Director's Office

Administrator's Office

Information: (503) 947-7980 or TTY (503) 947-7280

Fax: (503) 378-4351

Insurance Administrator: Joel Ario

Deputy Administrator: Carl Lundberg

Legislation/Rules Coordinator: Lewis Littlehales

Public Information Officer: John Piper

Senior Policy Advisors: Shelley Bain, Michael Morter, Lewis Littlehales

Chief Enforcement Officer: Mitch Curzon (503) 947-7235

Executive Assistant: Brenda Myers

Consumer Services and Market Regulation Section

Information: (503) 947-7980

Manager: Jan Miller

Consumer Advocate Liaison: Carol Simila

Administrative Services & Operations

Information: (503) 947-7980

Recruitment: Shelley Greiner

Consumer Advocacy Unit

Information: (503) 947-7984
1-888-877-4894 (Leave message only)

Manager: Ron Fredrickson

Senior Consumer Advocate: Greg Ledbetter

Property/Casualty Complaints: Jan White, Yani Bartzis, Lorna White

Life Complaints: Dennis Kuckartz

Health Complaints: Russ Kennel, Carolyn Hancock

Producer Licensing Unit

Information: (503) 947-7981

Unit Manager: Margarita Nunez

Licensing Coordinators: Diane Stewart, Ruth MacLeod


Information: (503) 947-7983

Property/Casualty: Rae Taylor, Dave Dahl

Life/Health: David Ball

Market Surveillance Unit:

Information: (503) 947-7980

Manager: Cindy Jones

Market Analyst: Douglas Beck, Cliff Nolen, John Hardiman,
Gary Holliday, Gary Stephenson, Kathi Kalk

Chief Investigator: Bill Karalekas

Investigators: Ruth Johnson, Rich Zafuto, Rob Hicks

Rates and Forms Unit:

Information: (503) 947-7983

Manager: Gayle Woods

Property/Casualty Technician: Cece Newell

Commercial Property/Casualty Analyst: Gail Duncan

Personal Property/Casualty Analyst; Title Analyst: Jan Vitus

Life/Annuity Technician:

Annuity Analyst: Janice Hart

Group Annuity Analyst: Rolf Junge

Life Analyst: David Bolton, Rolf Junge

Health Technician: Linnea Saris

Health Analyst: Doreen Buller, Larry Culbertson

Financial Regulation Section

Information: (503) 947-7982

Manager/Chief Examiner: Russell Latham

Assistant Manager/Chief Financial Analyst: Annette Boyce

Risk Retention & Purchase Groups: Suk Ghosh

Amendments to Articles of Incorporation: Linda Rothenberger

Certificates of Deposit, Sec. Deposits/Verifications: Marcia Jones

Applications for Admission or Amendment, Registered Agents: Linda Rothenberger

Corporate Records: Kelly Jaskoski

Ancillary Receiverships & Guaranty Fund Matters: Russell Latham

Annual Statements: Kelly Jaskoski

Quarterly Filings: Kelly Jaskoski

Assessments to Fund Division: Russell Latham

Company Examinations: Russell Latham

Insurance Taxes: Dennis Ault, Lynette Hadley

Premium Tax Prepayments: Dennis Ault, Lynette Hadley

Surplus Lines Coordinator: Annette Boyce

Suspension Orders: Russell Latham

Obligor of Service Contracts: Rick Frawley

DCBS Director's Office

Information: (503) 378-4100 (V/TTY)

Department Director: Cory Streisinger

Deputy Director: Greg Malkasian

Executive Assistant: Donna Norris

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